Meaningful Dream

This morning, 25th November, around 6am, I woke up from what I believe was a potentially important Dream.

These are the notes I scribbled down: Was in work clothes, high heels. There were other people in the dream but not sure who they were. Work colleges I think, mainly women. There was a street. I had to run a work errand and went along a street to collect some jewels. I don’t think the jewels were mine but I had to collect them for someone.

To collect these jewels I had to climb down a ladder, a metal ladder that went from the ground straight down (imagine climbing down into a submarine kind of thing). I climbed carefully down this metal ladder in my high heels (highly unusual as I seldom if ever wear high heels) and at the bottom I was in a small room. At the end of this room was a room (office) with a window. In the small room a woman worked at a desk. I went up to the office window and said I was here to collect some jewellery. A tall man, dark hair, big strong chest yet not fat, (ie; my ideal man) business like clothes on suddenly appeared. He smiled at me and said ‘hello digger’. He came out from the office with the jewellery (a necklace I think it was) in his hand and then asked me, smiling, ‘would you like to go to lunch with me?’ I of course said yes and then promptly woke up. I knew immediately this was a powerful dream. I admitted to myself, lying there in bed, that yes I really would like a partner and that I’m ready for a wonderful man to come into my life.

I also think this dream is trying to tell me something about ‘my shadow’. And that when you dive down into the depths of your shadow you will find jewels there. I’ve read a few books on the shadow, and have done ‘work’ on it/with it many years ago. So the jewels being down there makes sense, but the man bringing the jewels to me and then asking me out on a date doesn’t.

I’m also wondering if this dream may have something to do with my astrological 12th house. I’ve seen a couple of posts from Facebook Friends about the 12th house and recently have been trying to figure out what my Jupiter conjunct Juno in Leo in my 12th house might mean with regards to relationships.

Would love to hear what others think……. 🙂


Brilliant BB

Yesterday BB blew my mind! As many know, Bossdin was famous here in Dunedin for ‘playing golf’ and finding the golf balls for his regular golfing buddies. In the afternoon, with our ‘regular’ Wednesday golfers, he surprised me by watching the Tee shots (Bossdin’s most favourite part of the game), something up until now he has shown little interest in. When Brendon hit one straight into the trees he seemed keen to go and find it.

To be honest I wasn’t really expecting much from him. I also had a fair idea of where the wayward ball had gone. We set off, with BB on the long lead. All of a sudden BB stuck his nose into a group of bushes. I thought to myself… ‘no this can’t be the right place, the ball went further than this’. But then I remembered how Bossdin would do exactly this, stick his head, quite definitely into bushes or the long grass, where he thought the ball was (and experience taught me that Bossdin was ALWAYS correct.

I didn’t think there was a hope in hell that Brendon’s ball would be there, but because I remembered how Bossdin would act (and that BB was acting the same way) I thought I should at least look. So I looked.

And yip, sure enough there was a golf ball there. I was shocked beyond belief…….. It turned out it wasn’t Brendon’s ball, his was slightly further up the course, in another bush….. as I thought…. but that’s not remotely important. BB watched the tee shot, knew the ball went into the trees and found a lost golf ball in approximately the right place. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was incredible.

BB is now 8 months old

BB is now 8 months old

Bailey: And how a love affair with dogs began


His timing left a lot to be desired. Having recently separated from my live in partner I had decided to treat myself to new cream carpet throughout my house. Winter was approaching and carpet would be so much warmer under foot. I had also decided to get a dog in the spring.

My ex-partner hadn’t liked dogs, he was a cat person, so to comprise we had had goldfish. Yes I know, go figure. When he left I liberated the goldfish to my neighbour’s fish pond and started thinking about ‘my dog’.

I was sure I would just ‘know’ who ‘my dog’ was when I met him. I already knew he would be a male and that I would most probably find him at the SPCA pound. I had fairly strong feelings on what breed or mixture of breeds he would be, the type of colourings he would have and that he would be about 6 months old. I didn’t want a very young puppy; I wanted a dog that could stay outside in my fenced yard while I was at work. I certainly didn’t want him until the spring as the thought of muddy footprints all over my soon to be laid cream carpet was not appealing.

He however, had other ideas.

I have always been a fairly intuitive person and believe that the spirit or soul of an animal or person lives on once they physically die. So, it was no real surprise to me when I suddenly felt the spirit of a dog walking beside me. I felt the presence very clearly on my left hand side, mainly while I was out walking, which I did a lot, but also at other times.

After a while I surmised that it was most probably our old family dog Rolf. Rolf had been in spirit for about three years. He passed over about the time I got together with my partner. I say passed over, but in truth my Dad and I had had to make the heart wrenching decision to have him ‘put to sleep’. He was ill, having terrible seizures of some kind my Dad had said. I’m just glad I never witnessed one. Dad said it was awful. If it was actually Rolf who was walking beside me it made sense that he would show up once my dog hating partner was no longer living with me.

It was comforting having Rolf with me, I wasn’t exactly sure why he had come but I wasn’t complaining.

Shopping for the carpet was a relatively painless experience and I managed to track down Reg, a great carpet layer who had many years before done a wonderful job of laying my lounge carpet. Reg and Tony duly arrived to lay my pristine, cream, wool carpet throughout the two bedrooms and hallway of my wee cottage.

Reg was also a very spiritual person and had been just starting out on his journey when I first met him all those years ago. In the course of my new carpet going down we chatted about spiritual matters and I just happened to mention that for the last wee while I had been feeling very strongly the spiritual presence of a dog beside me. Reg asked if I had had a dog while growing up and I said, yes, we had a family dog. Officially Rolf was my brother’s pet, because I had my pony Silver, but I loved him just as much as Jeff my brother did.

“He’s probably wanting to come back to you” Reg said.
“What do you mean?” I asked.

Then Reg proceeded to blow my mind somewhat by telling me that he was quite convinced that the last three dogs he had had were all same dog. What he meant was that his original dog reincarnated and found its way back to him again and then again.

I stood there taking this all in open mouthed. While I had for a very long time believed in the concept of reincarnation for humans it had never occurred to me that it might also work like that for animals. Wow! I thought.

A few weeks after the carpet was laid I was sitting at my desk at work one Thursday morning and I suddenly I got this overwhelming, loud message pop into my head out of nowhere.

“Get up to the SPCA pound now, your dog is up there and will be put to sleep if you don’t get him today.”

‘What the hell’ I think. I try to ignore what has just happened, writing it off as nonsense but keep getting the same message over and over again in my head. In the end I give in and at lunch time jump in the car and head off up to the pound.

Once I get there I wander around a bit, not quite sure where to go. I don’t see any people about. I do however find a pen with a nursing bitch and six very young puppies. All the puppies come running over to the fence to see me and I notice their gorgeous colouring and markings. I say out loud to them “You cuties are the right colour to be my dog but you are far, far too young. My dog is much older than you guys, sorry.” And I go in search of a staff member to find out where the dogs are that are available right now for adoption.

I’m taken down to a different area of the pound and see all the dogs that are currently available. I wander up and down the row of big cages, looking at all the dogs but none of them looks or feels remotely right to me. I walk back to my car and getting into it sit there for a while pondering what has (or more correctly, has not) happened. I say, out loud;

“God I don’t know why you have sent me up here today, I don’t understand. I didn’t see my dog, I don’t think my dog was here, what is going on? And anyway, I’m not ready for a dog yet. I don’t have all the things you need for when you get a dog, especially a kennel. Please just give me two more weeks. Give me two weeks to get organized and get a kennel built.”

I drive back to work still confused.

I spend the next week and half buying doggie things and my Dad builds me a kennel for the pending new addition to my family of one. I ask all the contacts I have, especially farming contacts if anyone has any young pups they don’t want. All my enquiries draw a blank. I decide to put an advertisement in our local newspapers big Saturday addition that goes out all over the province, seeking a tri-coloured, male pup of around 6 months of age.

I’m at work on Saturday and check the paper to see that my advertisement is there. It is. Above my ad though is another ad saying something along the lines of ‘cute tri coloured puppies free to good home’. Out of curiousity I ring the number and ask how old the puppies are. I’m told they are only about 6 weeks old. I immediately say “oh I’m looking for a much older puppy” and then I say “but do any of them have wee brown bits above their eyes so it looks like they have cute eyebrows?” and the girl on the other end of the phone says “yes they do”. I hum and ha on the phone and then say “well I think they are too young but I’ll come and have a look anyway.”

I get the girls details and at lunchtime take off from work to see them. I arrive at the house and the puppies are gorgeous, as all puppies are. The girl shows me which ones are available (because a couple are all ready spoken for) and in the course of our chatting I ask her how did she come to have all these young puppies, where was the mother?

“I rescued them” she said. “How do you mean?” I reply.

“I volunteer up at the SPCA pound and all these puppies were going to be put to sleep because the mother wasn’t looking after them properly, I said I would take them and try to find homes for them to save them” she said.

My heart skips a beat at this point.

“When was this?” I ask. “When did they almost get put to sleep?”

“Two weeks ago” she says.

I go cold and realise exactly what is going on. ‘Bloody Hell’ I think to myself.

I’m in a bit of a tizzy as I realise the significance of this. I see now that the message I got was correct. I understand immediately that I’ve been given a second chance with one of these puppies. I asked God to give me two weeks to get myself organised and that is exactly what I got.

There are two puppies I can choose from so I choose the little boy who is the smaller, almost runt of the litter. I give the girl all my details and we agree that I will collect my wee fella in another week or so after they have all been vet checked and had their first vaccination. I go back to work.

In the next few days, because of my own ad in the newspaper, I’m offered quite a few different puppies from different sources and just to make sure that I’ve done the right thing, I go and look at some of these dogs. None of the other pups I look at feel quite right and I become confident that despite him being much younger than I was anticipating, or wanting, he is in fact the one for me, my dog.

I get a call from the girl early one evening asking if I can take him early, he’s at the vets. I rush over to the vets to collect him. He’s going to be ok. I take him home, it’s Friday 4th of July 1997. American Independence Day.

And with this gorgeous bundle of puppy fluff I fall madly in love and start a new and exciting journey, and gain a new identity; Bailey’s Mum.

I don’t know if Bailey was Rolf returned. At times I thought he might be, based on his first immediate reactions to meeting some people he’d never met before, but people Rolf had met. But in all honesty I didn’t think about it too much. It was just not that important. All I knew for sure was that Bailey was clearly destined to become my dog.

And despite me not even recognizing him when I first saw him, the universe (or God, call it what you will) arranged itself perfectly so that he was brought back to me within the two week time frame I had asked for.

Bailey passed in October 2007. I have felt him with me on many occasions. I am quite convinced he helped and played a role in bringing Bossdin into my life because he knew Bossdin needed me terribly. I believe I will always be with these two special dogs from now until eternity.

(If anyone reading this is really interested in this topic, check out the facebook group I co-run called Pet Reincarnation) 🙂

Happy Days

Five months old and shooting up at a somewhat alarming pace, BB and I have settled into a pretty comfortable daily routine. I’m trying to be ‘tough’ and not let him come and sleep on the bed with me until around 5am in the morning. Some mornings though it’s been 3.30 – 4am when his sad little whimperings of  “Mum please let me come and cuddle with you”  have gotten the better of me and I’ve succumbed, letting him join me a few hours early.  Realistically, how could anyone deny those deep, soulful brown eyes.

Hard to resist these eyes

Hard to resist these eyes

Speaking of soulful…… despite believing in reincarnation for pets since it was first suggested to me in 1997, it had never entered my head that there might be mediums who specialise in talking to animals instead of people. Doing an internet search on the subject I came across a few different people who suggested the following when looking for your returning pet :

  • You will just feel when it is right. Your heart will know. Take notice of your dreams. Follow your inner knowing and intuition.
  • Trust that the signs and details you are receiving are correct. Everything is connected, there are no coincidences.
  • Annette Betcher says ”  Sometimes you can hear about a situation that sounds too good to be true but when you actually meet the pet, you don’t “feel” it, if this happens then it isn’t right for you … “
  • A returning pet will display some characteristics or traits that they portrayed in their last incarnation. They may also have some traits, abilities or characteristics that you had wished your departed pet had.

Those last two are very relevant to my situation. The Heading Dog pups who were also born on Christmas Day just didn’t feel right for me and when I was determined to go and see them I got a sicker and sicker feeling in my gut, so I didn’t go.

And, I used to wish that Bossdin would watch TV with me…… yet despite me trying on numerous occasions (especially when Golf was on TV, or Sheep) it was like he couldn’t actually see what was going on on the screen. BB does watch TV with me. I say “Lets see what’s on TV” and he immediately looks up at the TV and watches for a wee while (depending on how tired he is).

Snoozing after watching some TV with Mum

Snoozing after watching some TV with Mum

I also used to wish that Bossdin would actually bring the ball/toy back to me when I threw it for him. But nope, despite months of training and treats he just wouldn’t do it. BB, once he realised what toys were, delights in bringing the toy back to me and climbing into my arms for a cuddle as he does it.

I’m starting to wonder if I should have named him “Cuddles” as it’s not only me he bestows his affections on. Once he has met you, as the Chisholm Park golfers are discovering, he seems to think he’s made a friend for life because when he meets you again, a day, a week, or a month later, he’ll trot up to you, tail wagging, face grinning and wrap himself around you with youthful exuberance. Very few people have not succumbed to his charms…..

Now there is No Doubt !

Saturday 9 May 2015.

Up at the crack of dawn (before that actually if truth be told) I’d finally written another post and got it online. I’d played with ‘his lordship’, cleaned up the chaos he’d created in the kitchen, and done some gardening outside. By 11.30am I was exhausted again (I suffer from the chronic illness ME/CFS) so went to bed for a wee nap. BB also needed his mid morning siesta and happily took himself off to bed too.

As I was drifting off to sleep, thinking about the blog post I’d just written and how I’d seen BB twice carry his ears exactly as Bossdin’s ears were all the time, I suddenly received a telepathic message from Bossdin. Yip, I truly did. In my half awake half asleep state I heard him talk to me as clear as day. It was freakily wonderful!

He said he was aware I was still that teeny tiny bit worried that he wasn’t actually back, residing in the new Huntaway body. He knew I was struggling somewhat with his new ‘look’ and the lack of white on his coat. He said he obviously couldn’t change his colouring but he could change the shape and carriage of his ears (abet briefly) to let me know once and for all it really was him. He said he knew I would immediately recognize the significance of his ears suddenly changing style.

He was right. The second time it happened I leapt up and went to get my camera thinking, ‘I’ve got to get a photo of this ‘cos no one will believe me when I tell them’. But then of course the moment had passed. I haven’t seen it happen again. I now doubt I will ever see it happen again. I have no idea how it happened in the first place.

Immediately after he told me this I felt immense joy, love, peace and happiness and drifted off to sleep.

I feel like our connection has deepened enormously since this happened.

I’ve experienced a few ‘odd’ things in my life but I’ve never experienced anything quite like this before, something So clear and So definite. Who knows if it will happen again. I hope so!

Settling in

Boston Breeze (BB) is now 19 weeks old. He’s been back with me for 6 weeks. It’s been a roller-coaster ride of joy and exhaustion. I’d totally forgotten how full on puppies were, how you have to watch them pretty much all the time to make sure they aren’t attempting to eat/chew on something they shouldn’t. I’ve loved every minute of it.

I had no idea what to expect with regard to BB being a reincarnated Bossdin. I still don’t. BB is a Huntaway dog and Huntaways are very different to Heading dogs. BB looks completely different to Bossdin. I have to confess, the lack of white on his coat has taken a bit of getting used to. As has his already deep and powerful ‘voice’ !

Because everything pointed so, so strongly towards BB being ‘the one’ I figure (hopefully) that he chose this body and this breed because it is genetically strong and very healthy. Poor Bossdin was beset with multiple health issues way before the horrendous insulinoma arrived and finally took him from me. And, I think back to that ‘message’ from Neal Donald Walsch in November, the one I deleted that said

” It will never return to you in this exact form, and it is not intended to. If it returns at all, it will be in a higher form. That is the purpose of its leaving. All of life only improves itself.  It can’t do anything else. This is called evolution.  Trust it.”

There have been a few times when I’ve noticed him doing things that I didn’t expect him to do, things that Bossdin did. Small things that make me think “oh, Bossdin used to do that.” I have no way of knowing if those things are just common ‘dog things’ or are actually something else.

My eyes nearly fell out of my head however, and I thought I was seeing things the first time he trotted towards me with his ears pricked up and one ear was folded over in half, exactly like Bossdin’s were. It was even the same ear!  This has happened twice now and I have no idea how because BB’s ears are so incredibly different from Bossdin’s.

BB and Bossdin: Totally different ears!

But I know what I saw.

Very Strange!!

And the very first time I took him to the golf course I was curious as to how he would react. I expected him to be a little unsure, as this was our first real venture out from home. But nope, he trotted out onto the 8th fairway as if he owned the place. For those that don’t know Bossdin’s story click here:

to read about how famous Bossdin became because of his love of golf and his ability to find and ‘hold’ players lost golf balls.

So there we are on our first ever visit to Bossdin’s old stomping ground and all of a sudden BB hears some people’s voices coming from the 10th green. He takes off up the path to see what’s going on and upon cresting the small rise and seeing the golfers on the green he promptly sits down to watch them. That really surprised me! Bossdin lived to watch and ‘play’ golf. BB showing an interest in watching was not something I expected. It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets older.

Path that leads to the 10th Green.